high-res lovin’

doax2_2.jpgDOAX2 (you know, chicks playing volleyball) is really coming along. There’s an interview on IGN with the developer, and this part was my favorite:

IGN: Is there by chance a trampoline game in DOAX2? We think that would be an excellent addition to the mini-games.

Itagaki: So we have to pick from a long list of minigame ideas and I’m pretty sure trampoline minigames were part of the initial list, but we didn’t pick it. That’s because of the kind of game that DOAX2 is; we have to be really careful not to make it seem vulgar. Certain activities show the women in a negative light.

So it’s not so much about bouncing per say. The key to the game is love. When they love the character, how do they feel when they see the character do whatever she’s doing? We don’t want to make them feel bad.

Yes, the key to the game is love. This type of game is all about respect for the scantily-clad virtual women. The new minigames sound good though. I can’t wait to race a jetski in a bikini.

(image: ign)

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