a forlorn braves fan

(c) mlbFor anyone who’s been wondering why I haven’t posted on the Braves in a long time (all of you), it’s because they’ve been absolutely terrible this season. They’re now 14.5 games out of first place, which means they’d have to win 15 games and the first-place Mets would have to lose 15 games. It ain’t gonna happen. They’re even behind the Phillies and the Marlins, who traded away all their talent to begin the year. Atlanta’s record is now 51 and 59 – a losing record.

What’s the cause of this suck, you might ask? Well, it’s several things. Their starting pitching has been atrocious. Smoltz is the only one who has done anything noteworthy, and even he doesn’t have 10 wins (and his ERA is the worst it’s been in 12 years, though it’s still a respectable 3.54). Their hitting has been very inconsistent; they’ll score ten runs for three games in a row, and then get shut out completely. There are other causes too, like the lack of a closer for the first three months, an unreliable leadoff spot, and injuries.

I haven’t lost faith in my team, but I have much higher hopes for next year. 🙁

9 thoughts on “a forlorn braves fan

  1. i hate baseball. its boreing, there is hardly any action. btw football preseason started today. raiders 16- eagles 10.

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