abate and equivocate

http://www.brazosvalleypress.com/Historians in the years to come are going to have it ridiculously easy. Just as it’s very difficult for current historians to piece together prehistory, it will be equivalently simple for those analyzing our current time period to have a perfect picture of what went on. And this frustrates me. We’ve lost our mystery. In 100 years, instead of having to scour through dusty manuscripts and reconcile numerous discrepancies, researchers will merely need to view video captured on some high schooler’s cellphone. There’s no denying that this is the information age, but we should be trying to make it a little harder for those guys. It would be a shame if someone was trying to learn about how Americans lived in the early 21st century and accomplished his task through a simple Google “Blog” search.

It’s true that history is a bogus choice of vocation anyway, so it might not be a bad thing that the conglomeration of information into Wikipedia-esque archives will obviate the position.

9 thoughts on “abate and equivocate

  1. Its not that bad if you think of it as a preservation of the world as we know it. Think of the knowledge that was lost due to time, war, etc. Such things won’t cause the destruction of our knowledge thanks to the internet. Of course I really hope historians dont stumble apon youtube and go “well thats how they lived! they did stupid stuff all day!”

  2. But that preservation is exactly my point. It sucks. The reason the dinosaurs rocked so much is because we have to piece together everything about them. And here we are just whoring ourselves out to the worldwide knowledge complex. It’s a shame.

    I’d like future generations to think we were much smarter than we really are. With all the stuff that’s available, they’ll realize very quickly how dumb we are.

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