another true story

(c) foxAs I quickly passed a window today, I saw a guy struggling with another guy, trying to pin his arms against his body. My first thought was that they were fighting, so I laughed a bit and went on my way. But after a few steps I thought, “Hey, what if that one guy was having a seizure and the other guy was trying to restrain him?” After feeling like a jerk for laughing, I then thought again, “No way, they were clearly just being stupid.”

The point is that there are usually different ways of looking at a situation, and one should always be careful about jumping to conclusions. But more importantly, don’t over-analyze stuff, or you’ll start thinking that it’s more likely for someone to have a seizure than it is for him to be fighting.

Or what if they had been fighting, and then one guy started having a seizure? Hmm…

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