anthems and amendments

(c) FIFAIf I had my own country, I’d make sure our national anthem was at least eight minutes long. That way, in any public showing (such as the Olympics or the World Cup), everyone would have to wait long enough to realize that my nation was far superior. Not only would it be long, but it would badmouth any rival nations as well.

I have to amend my World Cup final prediction, since I didn’t bother looking up which teams were in which brackets and a Brazil – England final will be impossible. In that case, England will get past Brazil and beat Germany 2-1 in the final. It’s looking more and more unlikely, but just wait. I’ll be the only one not surprised.

11 thoughts on “anthems and amendments

  1. Walt – I think your post got marked for moderation because it contained the words “gas prices.” Certain spam words are filtered.

  2. Oh, maybe I don’t have that enabled. I did see that comments are held for moderation if they have more than two links, however. That must be it.

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