apply directly to the forehead of my favorite commercials are those for chemistry. I can see their need to advertise, because if we didn’t know that chemistry did anything, we would eliminate it from classrooms and no one would practice it. Honestly, what’s next? Math commercials? Why would they waste money promoting something that needs no promotion…it’s not going to make more people interested in it. In fact, I hate chemistry a little more now.

It still beats the “Head On” commercials though.

6 thoughts on “apply directly to the forehead

  1. havent you seen the series of advertisements thats been going on for like 2 or 3 years now about more art in schools?

    its shit like “when students think that mannschaft suchen means sucking dick, you know we dont have enough art in our schools” etc.

    those are pretty fucking annoying. i think we have TOO MUCH art in schools, at least at the elementary level. maybe its just an aversion to fat, bossy ladies.

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