baby’s got backup sure is a great feeling to be getting ready for bed at 2:30 AM knowing you spent six hours watching crappy horror movies with your roommates. It starts off innocently enough with “Ghost Ship,” not wanting more than a chuckle or two, and then dissolves into “feardotcom.” Before you know it, you’re watching the second “Exorcist” and then the third, even though you didn’t know they existed.

I’m a firm believer that there aren’t enough crappy horror movies. Senseless violence is always entertaining, and the more unbelievable or just plain unnecessary, the better. Take a look at the “Final Destination” movies. They’re a perfect example that plot, acting ability, and overall value are completely unnecessary for making a profitable and entertaining movie. Even better are films made by companies like “1st Chance Films,” which, unfortunately, are too crappy to even have a website. If nothing else, they’ll alleviate boredom. Keep the crap comin’ boys!

Some other crappy horror movies I recommend (and by “recommend,” I mean “think are terrible”):

  • The Killer Eye
  • Murder By Phone
  • Wrong Turn
  • Decoys
  • Cheerleader Massacre
  • Satan’s School for Girls
  • S.I.C.K. (Serial Insane Clown Killer)
  • Clawed
  • Dead Doll
  • The Granny

One crappy horror movie that I can’t recommend is “Boogeyman.” You won’t even laugh at how bad it is…

5 thoughts on “baby’s got backup

  1. “at first they were hot, and then they were not.”

    and bad horror movies… manos hands of fate. some guy filmed it on a bet. and the camera only filmed for 32 seconds at a time, which makes for some weird editing.

  2. haha, sounds great. after all, “manos” means “hands,” so anyone bold enough to name a film “hands hands of fate” is ok in my book.

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