bacon + m&ms

I’ve found a really useful tool online. It’s a website which will give you the connection between any celebrity and Kevin Bacon. Most of them are a much closer connection than you might think. Fatty Arbuckle has a “Bacon number” of only three, as does Ronald Reagan. Try it out.


On a totally unrelated topic, Eminem rapping about Bush and war is absolutely ridiculous. He’s got a right to say whatever he wants, but he’s a total idiot if he thinks people are going to pay attention to a political statement in his crappy music (unless they find it as stupid as I do). I’m sure his loyal fans find his raps about decapitation and homosexuals far more entertaining.

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14 thoughts on “bacon + m&ms

  1. in addition to me being totally awesome, i can’t stand it when people talk about this shit with the ports and Dubai. its just ignorant.

  2. no, but i can link it to the eminem topic, in that its somebody talking about something that they really have no business talking about.

    also: check this out:

    thom yorke, singer in a band and general famous asshole, refuses to talk with british prime minister tony blair about environmental issues because, get this, blair has “no environmental credentials”

    i must have missed the memo where celebrities became experts in all forms of political and social issues, because apparently… they are.

  3. in other other news, it’s BASICALLY a good thing that there is nobody here named “im totally awesome”

    in further other news, the length of my user name is directly proportional to the length of my penis. same with wee’s.

  4. here’s my thought on it, because i matter.
    daniel has an abnormally shaped penis, and although it is quite long, it is shaped much like a pringle chip. Walter on the other hand, is simply a grower (not a shower), because we all know that wee stands for his full name. so in any excitement, wee grows at least 5 fold.
    yes, i do know what they say about small penises. They say “Trey has a small penis.”

  5. it may be small butt it has caused me alternately diahrrea (sp?) and constipation many a time, dearest john says:

    my name (basically) says it all

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