best. sport. ever.

Have you ever wondered why soccer is the greatest sport ever devised? Well here are some reasons:

  • It’s easy to pick up but difficult to master. Kicking the ball around and, eventually, into the goal is not a hard concept, but it is challenging to do so, especially in an artful manner. The rules are fairly straightforward and even the most complicated concepts are not difficult to understand. The finesse displayed by those who play the game well is a beautiful thing.
  • It maintains the perfect balance between individualism and teamwork. An individual, no matter how good, will not win a game for a team if the other team works well together. There’s room for individual glory but in the end the team must function as a whole in order to succeed.
  • It is universal. One could bring a soccer ball to almost any country and find someone else to play with. And if no one there knows how to play, well, they can still pick up the basics quickly thanks to reason #1.
  • It requires the use of every part of the player’s body. Soccer players must be in peak physical condition in order to run, jump, and muscle their way into the opposing team’s area, but there’s also a lot of thinking involved. The stupid players don’t make it very far.
  • It’s fast-paced. There’s no need for lengthy sideline discussions during the game and the action is always moving.
  • It’s low-scoring. A¬†game succeeds when it’s extremely uncommon to have scores in double digits and impossible to have scores in triple digits. The creator of basketball should have done some serious rethinking, because 97-112 means it’s a bit too easy to score.

Those reasons alone are why soccer should be more popular in the U.S. Unfortunately, most people are idiots and prefer football. It’s sickening.

Oh, and also, hot chicks play soccer.



5 thoughts on “best. sport. ever.

  1. You realize none of those chicks really play soccer right? Well, the one in the back left (in the red jersey) probably does…

  2. blasphemy. every one of those girls plays soccer, and they enjoy it. otherwise, why would they be wearing cleats, and be scantily clad?! jebus, woman, pull yourself together and see the big picture. People don’t just dress up for pictures for no reason, they must first affiliate themselves with that activity.

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