bugger, you’ve snatched me biscuit!

mcgruf12.gifThe reason that some expressions “go out of style” is that they never should have been incorporated into the language anyway. Take, for example, the saying, “catch you on the flip side.” This never did make sense, and when people finally discovered that the “flip side” was actually a drug-induced region of the mind in which only the user could travel, the expression quickly died down.

What we really need are more useful expressions, such as the term “biscuit-snatched.” It has a wide range of uses, meaning robbed/mugged, raped, or deprived of biscuits, among other things. This versatile expression is the type to which we should be devoting our speech.

(image: nypd)

3 thoughts on “bugger, you’ve snatched me biscuit!

  1. Yes, the title was meant to be read in an English accent. I’m glad you picked up on that.

    Oh, and I just made up the term “biscuit-snatched.” I thought it sounded cool.

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