bye-bye baby

baby.jpgI have a solution to the abortion issue – baby exportation. Much like Great Britain sent its prisoners to inhabit Australia, we should export unwanted babies to be raised in Antarctic “playgrounds.” A couple of teachers and doctors could be hired to raise the children until they are able to support themselves through the hydroponic growth of wheat and grains. These young people could then have their own self-sustaining community in the Antarctic tundra without burdening our nation.

It’s really the only humane thing to do.


4 thoughts on “bye-bye baby

  1. honestly, this should totally work.
    the vast amounts of energy needed, especially for heating, could be gleaned from massive solar constructs (don’t forget that sunlight reflects very well off ice!).
    a very elite team of scientists and teachers could raise the babies to be paragons of intelligence and justice (anybody else remember plato?).
    the harsh antarctic environment would harden their bodies and immunize them from the temptations of our material-obsessed society… either that or make them absolutely susceptible to it.
    sounds like a plan. lets get this bitch enacted.

  2. I’m glad to see a bit of support. If only we held slightly more clout in our society.

    I’m going to write my congressman about this.

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