can you put a price on dignity?

Yes.’ve “developed” a game show, called “Put a Price on It!” A more transparently-unoriginal title could be “Name that Price” or “Show Me the Money.” Basically, three contestants come face-to-face with a total stranger, and a question is shown to them. The contestants have to guess how much money the stranger required in order to complete a “dare” (essentially), and they make this assumption based purely on the guy’s appearance and bearing. An example question would be, “How much money did it take for [Edgar] to eat dog crap?” The contestant who gets closest to the actual amount of money, wins.

Then comes the best part. A prerecorded video is shown of the “stranger,” who was stopped at random in a crowd. He was asked the question, and then given the money upon completing the “dare.” So the contestants get to watch the guy eat dog crap.

There could be plenty of more risky “dares” too, because this is going to be shown on FOX. Think along the lines of “cheat on your girlfriend,” “cut off a digit,” or “jump out a four-story window.” The standard release form required for the prize money would alleviate any potential lawsuits.

The game would combine everything Americans love in their TV shows: reality, games, sexuality, stereotyping, and people doing stupid things. I tried to be as thorough as possible, so if any TV “writer” wishes to pick up the show, feel free. I won’t even ask for you to put my name on the credits. The guy in the picture has to be the host though.

7 thoughts on “can you put a price on dignity?

  1. how about… 20 dollars to get hit point-blank in the crotch with a tennis ball?
    im sure we could find some sucker willing to do that.

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