capitalism rocks Friday. Is there nothing you can’t bestow? In only two hours, people will be lining up outside Wal-Mart in their bathrobes and slippers, bringing the younguns and hankerin’ for a new microwave for only $30. Yes, there will be beating and trampling, and people will undoubtedly end up with many items they don’t really need. I mean, would you really buy a Zathura DVD if it was any more than $5? And who could pass up a mixer for only $150 from Kohl’s? That could make some little boy or girl very happy this Christmas.

I haven’t bothered with Black Friday since I waited for something I can’t even remember now (they were sold out of whatever it was when I got there five minutes late). I ended up with two packs of 50 CD-Rs each (that’s 100 CD-Rs, for those who hate math) for about $8 after rebates, and I still have over twenty left…and that was about five years ago.

But who needs these sales when you can just visit and get incredible deals every day? Want a PS3 for $378 (retail $600)? How about a Zune for $109 (retail $250)? I love passing on deals…really, click the link and order something. I’m curious about how long it will take for the fraudulent charges to begin.

4 thoughts on “capitalism rocks

  1. I thought I posted the comment but..apparently not…hmm

    anyway… I showed up at work at like 1, so the morning rush was over (it was still pretty busy the whole day). But I heard some midget in a wheel chair almost got knocked out of his chair and run over. 😀

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