cleaning up

Should I have posted something about September 11th? Perhaps. But if we acknowledge it, the terrorists win…

The autoclave broke today, so our lab was only one hour long instead of four. I will gladly “donate” money to anyone willing to use a baseball bat on that infernal machine every Tuesday morning. came out with “the world’s smallest MP3 player” today – their new 2nd-generation iPod Shuffle. Like the previous incarnation, it has no screen, but comes in only a 1 GB version for $80. It looks pretty cool, but then the mobiBLU Cube has been out for over a year, has a screen, many more functions (FM tuner, voice recording, and USB storage capability) and retails for about the same price. The metal casing and built-in clip of the new Shuffle should be nice though, and the controls are bound to be easier to use.

4 thoughts on “cleaning up

  1. I think that it would be detract greatly from an ipod if you didnt have the advance searching system that the ipod covets.

  2. Hmm, I don’t think “covet” was the best choice there, since it would indicate that the iPod lacks such a searching system. Touts, perhaps?
    But yes, the Shuffle is a pretty stupid concept. The size though…the size…

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