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amazon.comFive reasons to go see Snakes on a Plane (maybe some spoilers):

1) Bizarre, grotesque, and unnecessary violence. People get hurt in ways that rival the most ridiculous deaths of the Final Destination trilogy.

2) Abuse of small animals. Who doesn’t like to see annoying little dogs named Mary Kate get what they deserve?

3) Cultural diversity. Ninjas, rappers, and nerds are all tossed into the mix and react exactly as you would expect them to.

4) Heartwarming, tender moments. From the newlyweds to the little boys traveling alone to the elderly flight attendant’s dire choices, there are enough tearjerking moments to keep your grandmother satisfied.

5) Shaft. Samuel L. Jackson is at his finest, barking orders, saving lives, getting pissed, and causing destruction that puts Katrina in its place.

It’s exactly what you’d expect it to be, and for that reason, you should go see it. What more could I possibly have wanted, you may ask? Well, maybe a little time travel, some aliens, and a nuclear threat. But better acting would have just ruined it. 🙂

12 thoughts on “do yourself a favor

  1. when did you see it. i went last night at 7:30. loved it. best movie of the summer. i didnt see any ninjas, unless you mean that kickboxer.

  2. Oh come on. The two or three hooligans at the beginning and Eddie or whatever the killer\’s name was were all ninjas. Ninjas can use guns too.

  3. when i think ninjas i think ninja costume. they might be skilled in the martial arts, and even asian. but ninjas there not.

  4. there not sneaky enough. the witness clearly heard them drilling his lock apart. thats not ninja like. its also not ninja like to have someone beaten with a bat. not ninjas

  5. best quote ever

    Of course we all know that the people of this world are only really scared of four things: Snakes; Sex; Flying; and
    Negroes. This movie deals quite competently with all of them.

  6. my favorite part is when the snake happens to bite the wires causing the pilots to lose control of the plane?
    they must have trained that snake to do that.

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