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search.jpgMicrosoft and Yahoo have had “informal talks” about merging their web search tools, according to This is big news, not because of the potentially better searching, but because there’s actually a website called SearchEngineWatch, and it has a blog. Someone thought it was necessary to make a site devoted to search engine news, as though people might care. All anyone needs to know about searching is GOOGLE.

I know I’ll be bookmarking the site and checking back daily, just in case some major searching development comes along of which I need to be aware. They have a forum too, so we can all go chat about searching online!


2 thoughts on “don’t miss a thing

  1. this is actually some big shit.
    microsoft and google are apparently quickly approaching a showdown.
    microsoft’s method has been to… package their shit with their incredibly popular OS and thereby get people, by default, to use their programs.
    google’s strategy has been… buying out innovative companies and offering their services for free, and later figuring out how to pay for it (usually with unobtrusive ads).
    all this im sure you already know.
    what you might not be aware of is the fact that microsoft, despite being a powerhouse, is starting to stagnate, and they are afraid of google’s reckless but wildly successful growth. so both companies are starting to rethink how they operate at this hyper-intensive level.
    but this is good, because competition is good for us, the consumers.

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