ps3.jpgFirst of all, Sony has confirmed that the PS3 will cost $600 fully-loaded (WiFi, memory card reader, HDMI, 60 GB HD) and $500 significantly impaired (no WiFi, no card reader, no HDMI, 20 GB HD). This means that for $200 more than a fully-loaded Xbox 360, you can get a very similar product. Sounds like a good deal huh?

bf2142_2.jpgBattlefield 2142 looks…okay. I just wish they’d take the improvements and add them to BF2 instead of making a new, futuristic game based on the same technology (I’d be more open to the idea if the game ran on a new engine). A new game mode, Titans, sounds good and reminiscent of Tribes. What sounds best about the new game is more persistence, a more customizable character (up to 40 possible kit combinations), and more ranks and weapon unlocks. It should be a solid addition to the series, but I’d like to see them invest their new technology and ideas into the WWII genre again, or even Vietnam, as those eras would look great on the high-end systems of today.

cc3.jpgAnd finally, a new Command & Conquer game. I haven’t played one of these since Generals (five years ago?). Ahh, the days of Red Alert and modem games. While I would have preferred Red Alert 3 instead of C&C3, it’s good to see the series continuing. It’s still quite a while away, not set to be released until 2007, but it will probably be pretty fun. I won’t be spending money on it though.

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8 thoughts on “E3 FTW

  1. Consoles are going to be completely outdated in the next 50 years.

    $700 for a very specialized piece of equipment. The games have to be bought at the store. Games get broken, scratched, malfunction. And the selection of gaming will always be severely limited by system manufacturer.


    $1000 for an extremely versatile piece of equipment, decently equip, highly upgradable, cheap parts, Internet access, and very few manufacturer limits.

    But i guess with all the computer illiterate people, this day could still be a long way in the future..

    PS. This computer processor that we are working with in our CS class costs $7 bucks. HOLY SHIT. Granted, its only a 2MHz processor. But this is also a small chip with no FSB/multiplier set up. And even the high level Intel chips run no higher than 300MHz at their core, and AMD no higher than 400MHz. The processor I just bought for my computer cost $300. To think that one day in the distant future, you will get a comparable item for less than $10.

  2. Yeah, Moore’s Law in action.

    Consoles have their place. They all have Internet access now, hardware which costs several times as much in a PC (or isn’t available at all), and many are heading toward downloaded games. People have predicted the downfall of consoles in the past, but I don’t think it will happen any time soon. As PCs get more powerful, so do consoles, and they continue to cost a fraction of the price.

    And consoles are getting less specialized with each generation. The Xbox 360 has many multimedia features, handhelds have wireless Internet browsing, and the PS3 has a Linux OS. They’ll be around for a while.

  3. yeah but if consoles get to the point where they have OS’s and multimedia platforms and other applications (like the xbox’s ability to just have and play random music)… then they turn into PC’s…

  4. there’s no problem… just that eventually they will be pc’s, not consoles. graphic hyper-intensive pc’s with very little utility software, maybe, but more of a pc than a console. microsoft and sony are already blurring the line.

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