every site needs an arch-rival

CGHMlogo.jpgIt’s time for action. The Center for Genetics in Health and Medicine is vying for my spot as CGHM Champion of the World. I stole this name first, and you better believe I’m strongly opposed to genetics, health, and medicine now.

“The CGHM plans to develop new core services and enhance existing resources that will support genetic research, foster new programs, and stimulate the clinical translation of genetic research discoveries.”

What an utterly despicable use of the acronym. My current goal of educating readers to the dangers of abstinence, the deliciousness of gummi bears, and the utter manliness of beating up old people will be severely hampered if they have their way. And they won’t. To beat a geneticist, one must think like a geneticist. I’m going to breed anti-genetic offspring all over the globe, until this impostor CGHM is extinct.

(image: fake cghm)

7 thoughts on “every site needs an arch-rival

  1. “in time all things shall pass away, in time, you may come back some day. To live once more, or die once more, but in time your time will be no more.”

  2. oh not at all that song is pretty sweet though

    i think these medical guys need to find out whos the boss of the city still

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