Is getting a “face transplant” worth it if you end up looking like this?


Before you get upset and call me insensitive, you must understand her circumstances. Apparently, she got doped up on drugs to “forget a trying week” and got mauled by her dog. If you’re dumb enough for that to happen, perhaps you don’t deserve a face?

(news article)

7 thoughts on “face/off

  1. yep, deffinately dosnt deserve a face… her own dog. how do u piss off YOUR dog enough to maul ur face off

  2. meh you dont structure this post fairly.
    to answer your first question, yes, i think its better to have a malformed face that none at all. ew.
    but that doesnt mean i think this person deserved not to get mauled in the face.

  3. dude itd be sweet to have no face wlak around and be like hey wanna touch my skull??

    drug use is very very bad

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