first vegetables, now real food

(c) taco bell, www.tacobell.comTerrible news…Taco Bell has been linked to an E. coli outbreak in New Jersey. Since about half of the money I spend each year goes into the pockets of this semi-Mexican fast food chain, it’s startling to think I could be the first similar case in this region. As irresistible as that grilled stuft burrito is, the low-grade donkey meat isn’t as flawless as I’ve been led to believe. I’ll have to think more carefully before shoving all that rancid, bacteria-laden garbage into my mouth…ahh who am I kidding? I’m hungry just thinking about it.

On a completely unrelated topic, putting a “manufactured without child labor” label on your product is an answer to a question no one asked. I’d be inclined to suspect a company who does this as the most likely users of child labor – after all, won’t most people be reassured enough by those words and not elect to investigate further? Despite my suspicions, I’m quite a fan of child labor, so I’ll leave them alone (child labor prepares kids for the crushing reality of adult life).

2 thoughts on “first vegetables, now real food

  1. how do u think that logo got on your clothes, little hands are great for needlework. and at $1, im suprised thoes value meal burritos havnt wiped out half the country.

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