gaming on the mac‘s a cute article which discusses whether or not gaming is relevant on the Mac (anymore). You’ll be thrilled to know that “gaming on the Mac is just as relevant today as it was a year ago or five years ago.” The downside, of course, is that that relevance is very, very small. Among the totally rocking games mentioned for the Mac in the article are World of Warcraft (off to a good start), Gaia Online (umm…), and Neopets (now that’s just sad). Two of those three “Mac-compatible” games are online games playable in a web browser. Oh yeah, he also mentions Scrabble and Burning Monkey Solitaire. Man, those Macs sure know how to have fun. Don’t let those Windows users who spend all their time messing around with calculator get you down.

It’s a good thing he was just examining Mac versus the consoles and not Mac versus PC – even still, he dismisses the social networking aspect of Xbox Live (which was his biggest pro for Mac gaming) since it costs money. Hmm, doesn’t World of Warcraft also have a monthly fee (which, interestingly enough, costs at least three times as much as Xbox Live over the course of a year)? Nice try, Dr. Devious!

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  1. Wow. I think that guy completely missed the point. Instead of saying how far off he was, I think I will leave it to everyone’s better judgment to just understand that although MacOS is a very powerful and elegant tool, it leaves something to be desired. The biggest thing that it leaves for me is the limitations put on the user to alter his system easily.

    In other news, Microsoft began work on their NEXT (after Vista) operating system like 6 years ago. Sounds like an interesting concept, but the transition between machine and real world is still far from seemless. (Here’s the wikipedia article for it“Vienna” .) Maybe this is not “news” per se, but I still can’t comprehend that Microsoft has been working on 2 OS’s for over 6 years and still managed to come out with their office products twice (2003 and the upcoming 2007), Windows XP, and countless other smaller programs.

  2. Hmm, interesting… I don’t like that they’re making a 32-bit version as well. By 2009 (or possibly 2012) anyone who hasn’t made the transition to 64-bit shouldn’t be allowed to use a computer.

  3. there still isnt a 64 bit macromedia flash player. Good thing i have 64 bit internet explorer…. for all that 64 bit text. And fuck that tv tuner… no 64 bit driver… still mad i can’t use it.

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