hardly el presidente

wetback.jpgWhen I first saw the “El Presidente” contest at Taco Bell, I thought, “Sweet! A chance to become President of Mexico!” Unfortunately, it’s a flagrant case of false advertising. Upon reading the fine print, I discovered this:

“‘El Presidente’ assumes no official duties and is used for promotional purposes only.”

I hardly think anyone would care if I became President of Mexico, so why bother having a promotion where all I can become is a fictitious ruler? As if that wasn’t heartbreaking enough, I then learned that the one million pesos the El Presidente is awarded are only worth $94,000.

I thought I had it bad, but perhaps most unfair is that an illegal Mexican alien in the U.S. is not eligible to become El Presidente. How else is a lowly peasant going to rise to such prestigious ranks, if not winning it in a contest at a fast-food restaurant? This is ludicrous.

(image: carlos mencia’s brother)

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