he just exercises a lot…

bonds_roids.jpgWell, today’s the day. Either Bonds will be indicted, or cleared of wrongdoing, or nothing will happen for another six months. That’s right – “this” could happen, “that” could happen, or “nothing” could happen. Big day.

But listen to this optimism on the part of his attorney:

“I don’t think Barry has violated any laws. Under our system, if the government is going to point a finger at him, the government better be well prepared. I will do everything in my power to make sure that Barry gets a tenacious and effective defense.”

Now that sounds like the phrasing of someone who is convinced that his client is innocent. And how about Bonds’ personal trainer going to prison for refusing to testify? My suspicion is that he’s so assured of Bonds’ innocence, he doesn’t even want to lower himself to speaking to those who wrongly accuse him. He’s had to spend a grueling couple of weeks in jail and will no doubt receive a hefty pay bonus from Mr. Bonds for his loyalty.

(image: lisa blumenfeld/getty images)

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