hot enough for ya?

sweatydude.jpgHeat makes people angry. I noticed this while polishing dentures without an air conditioner. When I found a little hole in the metal that I simply couldn’t grind out, I got extremely mad for some reason (and I’m normally a very even-tempered guy). But I don’t think I’m the only one. Just look around – almost all violent crimes are committed by people with little or no air conditioner support. Ghettos have very poor cooling, as common knowledge states.

In fact, any historical event you can look at was caused, at least in part, by temperature. There’s no doubt that if the Unabomber had had adequate cooling in his shed, he would never have sent those mail bombs. And why else would the Middle East be in such turmoil? It’s frickin’ hot over there. Conversely, where it’s cool, people are often mellow. Northern Europeans and those from Siberia are notoriously laid-back.

So if you’re ever pissed off, sit back, enjoy your air conditioning, and relax. It can do wonders for your health.

(image: russell kelfer)

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