i get it already

You know, most jokes wear out their funniness after a couple of uses – much less several dozen. And yet, someone at Engadget decided that it should be mandatory for every writer to use the “strikethrough” joke at least three or four times a month. Here’s an example:

“Obviously $100 isn’t going to buy you great quality optics, so the only thing cheapskates budget-conscious consumers really have to gripe about is the lack of any expansion options…” (from this article)

Yeah, that was cute – the first thirty times I saw someone do that. Perhaps it’s time to come up with an original method of making people interested in your crap articles?

2 thoughts on “i get it already

  1. ahhh, shitty professional writing. and im worried that im not skilled enough to succeed in my field.
    i read an article once about mark twain and it included a lot of his letters. they were love letters to some bitch he was fucking, whatever. anyway, yknow, the didnt have email and shit back then; the letters were pretty clever. in it he included things he had struck out. but it was WELL DONE. of course, we are talking about mark twain… but, honestly, resorting to a gimmick in a professional piece of writing is iffy, even if it’s actually done well.
    which this clearly isnt.

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