i hope samuel l. jackson wins

(c) black movie awardsDoes anyone else have a problem with there being a “Black Movie Awards” other than me? Wasn’t the whole idea since the beginning of the civil rights movement equality and desegregation? Are the participants in this show insinuating that the movie industry is still being biased for white movies? Or are they saying that their movies (or choice in movies – I’m not sure how it works) are more worthy than those of whites? The hypocrisy just seems so great; if a “White Movie Awards” were organized to exclude blacks, people would be screaming racism left and right and it would seem like a huge setback for civil rights. Why, then, is this not such a setback? I’m not trying to look at the world rosy-eyed, but I really don’t see the need for a separate event such as this.

This gripe could be extended to BET and other means of intentional segregation as well. There’s just no need for the specification of color now.

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  1. while i agree that its hypocritical from a civil rights standpoint to have something named “black move awards” (or, a whole other can of worms, the whole concept of affirmative action), it IS an undeniable fact that whites are, by far, in more movies than blacks. and this is reflected, i suppose, in the fact that most traditional movie awards (oscars, whatever the other big movie awards show is) are awarded to whites.
    now, its arguable that this is indicative of a problem within the industry, or a problem with the audiences… or a problem with society at large… and that creating a black-only movie awards show is a, at best, a superficial solution and, at worst, a “solution” that is only creating even more divisiveness.
    however, i can still understand the reasoning behind [having] it.

  2. I fail to follow your logic behind its existence. Whites are in more movies than blacks…and most awards go to whites…but we should make an awards show just for blacks? I don’t believe racism is a problem in the industry – some of those celebrity types are the most outspoken about civil rights. Like I said, I won’t deny that there’s probably still some prejudice here and there, but just because there aren’t as many black actors doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be – maybe it’s their own preference? But creating a show just for black movies that weren’t good enough to win a reasonably unbiased award in the “every color competes” awards seems like a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist.

  3. well the reason that most awards go to whites is because most major film actors are whites. and the reason most major film actors are whites is probably because of racial inequality “kinks” in the system that have yet to be worked out.
    again, im not saying its right. but i can understand why they do it.

  4. But you’re assuming that the other award shows are considering race just because most of the judges are white and most of the winners are white. That doesn’t necessarily indicate causality.

  5. no. im not assuming anything like that at all. im merely saying that the reson that whites win the most awards is because whites have the majority of major roles in major movies. theres no assumption that they (awards ceremoies? judges?) are considering race, theres merely the simple and fairly obvious observation that the movie industry, like many others, is biased, for whatever reason, toward whites.

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