i sympathize with her, but…

(c) pat coughlinThis is pathetic. A girl was kidnapped for eight years before finally escaping. It’s pathetic for several reasons:

First, if I had been kidnapped for eight days, I’d consider escaping. Fine, she did try to escape, but I’ll venture to say she didn’t try hard enough. OK, so she was only ten years old when she was apprehended, but by the time she was, say, thirteen, I would think she would have been over the initial shock and realized she couldn’t continue to live for the better part of a decade in captivity. The guy was taking her to market with him…you’ve gotta try harder.

Second, how bad does the police work have to be to let someone go missing for such a long time, alive, without solving the case? Now I’m not going to spend time finding out everything they did, but it seems like they probably gave up pretty quickly. The same goes for her father – why didn’t he try a little harder?

And third, how did the people who saw this guy every day not become bothered by his sudden acquisition of a ten-year-old girl? Don’t ask, don’t tell…

I think we can all learn from this. It’s important to try to escape as soon as possible, or you might be stuck putting the lotion on your skin for your entire youth. Even if you die, it’s probably better than the emotional trauma you’ll suffer, and the painful realization that no one cared enough to find you after all those years.

4 thoughts on “i sympathize with her, but…

  1. I just think that its pretty ridiculous that the guy jumped in front of a train to kill himself rather than apprehended.

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