if we only knew how

http://www.cncgeneralsworld.com/generals/factions/gla/units.aspxWhenever I think of the War on Terror, I’m reminded of the game Command & Conquer: Generals. In that game, the GLA (Global Liberation Army) had terrorist units which would herd out and blow themselves up, seriously damaging or completely destroying your helpless troops. The problem was that the terrorists were so cheap, and they would flood them in, wave after wave. Defeating the terrorists was the key to defeating the GLA army.

Of course I never did figure out how to kill those terrorists, and I just stopped playing the game. Hey, I never said I had a satisfactory answer.

9 thoughts on “if we only knew how

  1. command and conquer x is the bomb. i plan to buy it once it drops it price. re live the glory days.

  2. sorry to steal your thread, yet again. but for anyone who dosent know, all of our elementry school science books are now wromg. there is officaly 8 planets in our solar system and 3 dawrf planets, including the newly reclassified pluto.

  3. theres actually this door sized graphic here at lsu of our solar system. the cool part about it is that it hasnt been updated since pluto was discovered… so now, for the first time in decades, its accurate again.

  4. But I told you man – Red Alert’s only $10. Isn’t that the C&C you’re looking for? It’s this, but I know I’ve seen it at Wal-Mart. It might be hard to find though.

    But that’s great that the solar system mural is up-to-date now.

  5. well. red alert is clearly the gem of the series. but i still have a soft, cholesterol-filled corner of my heart reserved for the original C&C – my introduction to the series.
    also, generals and ra2 both came out when i was in my eq-induced haze, so it would be nice for me to experience them now.

  6. Ahh, I see. I never really played the original C&C – I figured you were just talking about Red Alert. Those are all great games though.

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