incongruous? possibly

Last night I had a most peculiar dream which can only have drastic implications. I was in the backyard of my old house kicking the soccer ball. I kicked it over the fence (of course) and into my neighbor’s front yard. When I was climbing the fence to get it, his curtains were open and the neighbor was sitting at the kitchen table with someone I didn’t recognize. He glared at me and I didn’t go get the ball.

Kentucky Department of ParksAlso, there was a tiny patch of ice in the back of my yard where a baby woolly mammoth lived. All I know is it was walking around with its little tusks and hitting stuff. I don’t know how that sneaked in there because I sure didn’t think about mammoths any time yesterday…

…But then my imagination might have been on to something. After all, scientists have discovered that frozen sperm can remain viable for…a really long time, and it might be possible to take some Mr. Mammoth love juice and inseminate a modern elephant, creating an elephant/mammoth mix. It would still rock.

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