it didn’t last

Hemingway themeIn response to “Will this one last?” the answer is most certainly, no. I liked the trees in the background, and I liked the sidebar, but it was too much like everything else I’ve ever had for the site. I was ready for a change, and decided to go with something a bit more…radical. I find that this new layout is a bit of a shock to behold at first, but it grows on you and it’s pretty clean-looking. I do have a couple of slight formatting problems that I hope to address, but I did even more changes in this template so I feel that it’s even more “mine” (although the original and its variants have been downloaded thousands of times and are no doubt in use on many other websites as I type this).

Hopefully, I’ll deliver some knock-out content soon. I wish Austimus and Waldo would help me out sometimes though. Oh, but do let me know your thoughts on this theme. Should I get rid of the ad at the top? Do tabs work for the one person who won’t use a mouse? Do you catch any odd formatting problems? I’m all ears.

16 thoughts on “it didn’t last

  1. it’s a little too wide. Maybe it’s just my browser. I am not sure. It’s very clean looking, though.

  2. crap, that was one of my main concerns. i mean, it looks fine fullscreen at 1024×768, right? just when you make a smaller window you run into problems?

    of course, it’s great on my 1920×1200, but i want it to look good in as many situations as possible.

  3. No, not too wide like that. I meant that each line had too much text on it. im running 1280×1024 (err whatever), and it just seems like the top post has too much text on it. I have to turn my head 3 times to read it, haha. But the comment part is better. looks good.

  4. it fucking sucks. this is the most retarded thing ever.

    im not just pulling shit out of my ass. having a little lead-in sentence to draw the reader works on a news website but on a BLOG people just want to be able to open it up and view the most recent post on top.

    this crap where its some tease for the article and you have to load a separate page to see it is ridiculous.

    also: the wideness is lame.

    clean looking, though, that’s for damn sure

  5. A suggestion, although I don’t understand the feasibility of it, because I have never done any web stuff. But anyway.

    You should take one of either the “Recently” or “Sites section from the bottom, and put it on the right side (or left) of the original post. That much would take care of the wideness (I see you already put something there [this is just a suggestion]). It might also look better to put the ad over there instead of across the top.

    Another thing would make it look really nice is to align that bar to the left of the comments with the Left of the original post’s text, and justify everything from there.

    Possibly too much work? Nyeh.

  6. ok wtf, i thought i had it all worked out and now…wtf.

    i can’t get the text to not be wide at the top. i might keep trying, but i’m quite frustrated right now. we may just have to deal with it.

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