it has arrived

Well, the day has come. The venerable Mustang has been passed on to a lucky sibling, and its successor is here. Behold, the Toyota 4Runner:

4runner1.jpg  4runner2.jpg  4runner3.jpg

It’s a silver, 2004, 2-wheel drive V6. It’s very comfortable inside (far more so than the Mustang), and it rides well. I don’t know much about cars, but I know that I like it.

But the coolest thing happened when I was driving it today. A passing motorist flashed his lights at me not just once or twice, but probably eight times. I waved to him and hoped that it was what I thought it was – and sure enough, about a mile up the road, a cop was waiting, looking for speeders. This was the first time in four or so years that anyone has tried so hard to prevent me from getting a ticket.

Naturally, I slowed down to a crawl for the cop, spat at him, and then threw him a urine-soaked donut. He couldn’t do anything because I was going the speed limit and he had a quota to fill.

20 thoughts on “it has arrived

  1. i think slow would be the word i would use :). its definately nice for what is. the more seats the more chicks i guess…

  2. lol. from the pics i can tell its really nice. lucky you. silver is the coolest colour. how did u aquire it?

  3. btw, i remember those people flattneing ur tires at the fraternity house. not cool. but i swore to them i wouldnt tell u who.

  4. haha never over 90?! i drove from houston to dallas one day pushing 115 in my ranger lol. and people in the la rho chapter are very niggardly to cars of people not like them, really sucks. and bj, youre one hell of a friend for watching them do it, and not stopping them~

  5. dont make me laugh with ur “115” ive done 160 over the cross lake bridge. and i really couldnt have stoped them.

  6. Holy Hot Lava, Batman. I can’t believe how long this site has been up. Wow. Deem some memories.

  7. I know, right? In September it’ll be eight years. EIGHT YEARS.

    Entire presidencies have come and gone in that span. Or less.

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