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killbabies.orgJust on a whim, I decided to see if was taken. Sure enough, it is – by a pro-life advocate, it would seem (unless it’s supposed to be heavily satiric). He’s even got, which is what redirects to. Now I’m as pro-life as the next guy, but maybe isn’t the best place to denounce the killing of babies? I’m sure he gets plenty of hits from people who were actually looking to kill babies, however. Maxpower, as one of the three entries on his “blog,” states:

I was really looking for more of, lets say, pictures of acual baby killing. Say a baby with a knife sticking out of their head, or a baby afer it has been shot in the chest with an AK-47. You know, realy baby killing. Just a suggestion…

Interestingly, you can email him your address and he’ll send you a free “Fetal Model” or bracelet. Does anyone dare?

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