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gandhi.jpgIn the last three days, I’ve played 10.5 hours of BF2, gotten 735 kills and 189 deaths (for a 3.88 kdr), and accumulated 1,944 points. This may sound pathetic (though it’s actually quite impressive), but the first-place player has 2,393 overall hours (compared to my 286).

And for anyone who thinks artillery doesn’t count for kills…look at this. The first-place guy has 135,990 kills. He has 27,088 weapon kills, 10,021 equipment kills, and 31,542 vehicle kills – that’s only 68,651 kills. The bulk of his time – 1165 hours – has been spent as commander, accumulating those other 67,339 kills.

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  1. The only reason I didn’t post something about it is that I don’t want to spend the time doing the research needed to defend my stance that everything presented in that movie/book is a load of crap. I did see the movie and I agree – it was pretty poorly made. What bothered me most was how it seemed like they tried to wrap the story up three or four times, and I kept expecting it to end when there were really several “endings” left to go. The final “twist” was predictable and a lot of the author’s “facts” are baseless, circumstantial, or just plain wrong, but that aside, yes, the movie sucked.

  2. Yeah, it’s a work of fiction, but it’s tough for people to see it that way – especially when the movie was designed in such a solemn and overly-important way.
    Ha, Ron Howard has had some good appearances on The Simpsons though. For that reason only, he shouldn’t die. An apology is entirely in order, however.

  3. yeah, the movie was crap, but the evidence to support the ideas its based on is actually well founded. if u do resaech, a.k.a watch the discovery channels documentary on the whole ordeal, u may find urself questioning wether or not its fiction. cheers!

  4. look, im not saying that everything in that book is true. its not, but the orginazations and most of the issues come together nicely. everyone who knows me knows im not a religious person by any strech of the imagination. i highly doubt the existance of a god. but i see the facts presented to me and all i can say is that they present there case very well.

  5. I suppose you didn’t read that article. Yes, he throws around random “facts” nicely to fit his agenda, but that doesn’t mean he accomplishes anything. “We see what we want to see,” right? Well overlooking the flaws upon which he builds the foundation of his argument, he does indeed make the fiction seem more real.

    Taking the actual facts into consideration, however, all you’re left with is the fiction. And that fiction was poorly represented by the movie, which was the original point of Austin’s comments, I believe.

  6. thank u, all i wanted to say was this FICTION stems from some fact. i highly doubt that mary magdilin is in the luve.

  7. yeah, as long as you realize that it’s just as plausible as the existence of “jurassic park” (though michael crichton’s research was far more sound than dan brown’s) – our cloning techniques and genetic research could make such a place possible, but damned if that park exists.
    and it should.

  8. i dont believe in god. but i dont understand how people can take this book seriously. i havent read the book, i havent seen the movie, and i havent read or seen any documentaries. but you know what? the book is fiction. i havent heard anything about the author purporting otherwise. conclusion: the book is fiction.

  9. i think this book is a little more plausible than jurrasic park. because its scientificaly proven a man and a woman can have a baby

  10. you know nothing of plausibility. while geneticists could THEORETICALLY do everything in “jurassic park,” it hasn’t been done and there are still some big gaps. it’s just as plausible to take distortions on current scientific abilities as it is to take distortions on historic facts to make a story.

  11. not everything in the bible is historic fact. there is a lot of story telling in the bible.

  12. i disagree…i’d venture so far as to say you’re completely wrong on every account so far, but i’m not going to argue with you further. it’s going nowhere.

  13. u mean to tell me that u believe every word of the bible, every single sentance, every phrase?

  14. i dont have any problems with your beliefs, its just that seems just a tad nieve. 🙂

  15. i guess i kinda controdicted myself in that last post. look, from my prespecitve, the bible is a collection of stories gathered to set an example of how to be a good person. do u believe in creationism, that one man, noah, took to of EVEY kind of animal and brough them on board a ship he built, fed them, and kept them from eating each other for 40 days and nights, or that the earth is less than 3000 years old. these are stories imo to explain what people couldnt explain back then , or to show people how to be productive members of society.

  16. I have very limited knowledge about what the book says, or if it was meant to be a work of fiction or fact, but every time i read one of these discussions about this movie, i am reminded about that Family Guy episode. Where Peter says something offensive to a religious man, and the man gets flustered and pissed, and his friend calms him down. And the man says something along the lines of “Wow. Well, I guess I’ll just have to learn to take a joke.” Just a bit of humor to lighten things up.

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