12 thoughts on “it’s hell being mel

  1. Oh come on “dirk” – it’s only a couple of days “olde.”

    And when did we start talking in “Olde” English again?

  2. well just a picture of it is kind of… old. if, on the other hand, you had added some worthwhile commentary…

  3. Well I thought the picture spoke for itself, but it is against my usual standards to post a picture with no text…so, sorry. I like the title though – I’ll give you a bonus point if you can tell me where I got that.

  4. i have no clue.
    i did think, however, that the title was ironic. being that mel gibson is incredibly influential, has hundreds of billions of dollars (i imagine, i don’t really know) and is, in the picture, surrounded by attractive girls…
    yet he still manages to screw things up for himself.
    oh, “alcoholism.”

  5. Right. The irony ooooozes from it.

    WaldoPpper, surely you know where it’s from. I’ll give you a hint: Mel Gibson himself says it. But in what?

  6. if i had to guess…
    i would say it’s from the simpsons.
    maybe… beyond blunderdome? episode 227, from season 11, first aired on sunday, september 26, 1999?

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