i’ve figured it out

hamster.jpgJames Blunt’s gay lover is Daniel Powter. Their songs “You’re Beautiful” and “Bad Day” were conceived during a homo-erotic orgy in which thousands of innocent hamsters lost their lives. For this reason (but not only this reason), I will now boycott such pathetic attempts at “music.” How can the American public enjoy this crap..?

(image: animal photo archive)

9 thoughts on “i’ve figured it out

  1. play battlefield i just got it workin again and its fun now except when i die alot then its not fun but u should definately play now cuz im bored

  2. I thought those two songs were by the same person. I guess I’m not up on the new “hit” music.

    ps: i went to a rangers game tonight, and mark derosa was playing for them. you probably knew that, but i didnt. or if i did, i forgot. and vinny castilla was playing for the padres. i didnt know that either. oh, and brian giles of course.

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