looking for a ride?

http://blogs.citypages.com/canderson/2005/04/index.aspWhen going to an amusement park, something interesting to look for is the child molester to innocent child ratio, or CMIC. The CMIC is higher in some parks than in others. For example, the CMIC for Disneyworld is a meager 0.125, or one potential molester for every eight innocent children. But for a park like Six Flags (or most any other public attraction in Texas), the ratio is far higher: 2 (two molesters for every child). This is quite disturbing, but it speaks only of inferior screening processes. Profiling should be heavily enforced in these kinds of parks. There’s no reason a middle-aged man should enter a park alone. If you keep him out and it turns out he wasn’t a potential child molester, you’re just doing him a favor.

Other parks with high CMICs include Hersheypark (0.87), Magic Springs (Arkansas: 1.4), and Dollywood (14).

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