mostly bunnies, some filler

rabbit.jpgDon’t look now, but Iran has lost their first World Cup game. Expect a massive amount of disgust leading to the reckless use of nuclear arms if they lose their next game as well.

On a lighter note, my yard is infested with rabbits – “bunnies,” if you will. These adorable little monsters and their constant mastication are an eyesore and a nuisance to an otherwise tranquil scene. Rest assured that I will be fashioning a homemade “wabbit” trap out of sticks, carrots, barbed wire, and arsenic. Long story short, if anyone needs any rabbit pelts from me, now is the time to ask.

(image: me)

6 thoughts on “mostly bunnies, some filler

  1. In other news, scott lives at womka’s chocolate factory or some other freaky-ass trippy purple-treed place.

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