making fun of fat people…again studies show that even being a few pounds overweight can make you prone to dying younger. You don’t have to be obese to risk dying earlier. Of course, skeptics (aka chubby people) remain unconvinced:

“I think they are just adding to the obesity hysteria,” said Glenn A. Gaesser of the University of Virginia. “They are presenting the data in a way that paints overweight and obesity in the worst possible light. It’s not as bad as they make it seem.”

No, Glenn, I’m sure being chubby has its perks. Resting your beer on your gut, thrusting it forward to knock people out of the way, and always being able to keep your end of the seesaw on the ground when intoxicated and trespassing with your lighter friends at the public park will always be more desirable than being fit. But let’s not besmirch the good name of the National Cancer Institute (purveyors of one such study) by saying that they’re deliberately misrepresenting the data.

Oh, and lose some weight, Glenn.

10 thoughts on “making fun of fat people…again

  1. Well crap, why didn’t they just ask BJ? They wasted all that time and money when it was so obvious.

    Remember, the main reason I give you a hard time is because of my car tire.

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