moneybags would be proud

bill.jpgMicrosoft has planned a new image format, dubbed Windows Media Photo (.WMP, not to be confused with Windows Media Player), which could potentially replace JPEG images in common usage. It can compress an image twice as much as a JPEG with equivalent image quality – that sounds pretty good to me. Microsoft is also gunning to destroy the PDF, which I don’t see as a bad thing.

In fact, you may call me entirely pro-Microsoft, just because I think that having a company monopolize computing makes things more efficient and easily-integrated. My Windows XP PC with Windows Media Player syncs flawlessly with my Windows Mobile Pocket PC with Windows Media Player. Even despite their monopolistic stranglehold on the industry, Windows still has a massive amount of third-party software and hardware, which is why I think we should go ahead and let them monopolize every aspect of our lives. Choices will still exist, but the default will just be more convenient. It’s win-win. 🙂

(image: cbs)

8 thoughts on “moneybags would be proud

  1. hell,
    i dont even think mr gates is looking to monopolize everything anymore. I mean, after you hit the 30 billion dollars of worth mark (which he did some time ago), i think you stop worrying about money so much. And once you reach the 65 billion dollar mark, you get a little bored with money.
    Now, on the other hand, you have mr jobs marketing his mac hardware/software for outrageous prices. And making his Ipods completely integrated with only his software which you have to update 3 times a day. Macs arent even that great guys, apparently they have submitted in their understanding that their chip structure is no better than the intel series, since they are making the switch.

    But to address the point, in the computer world, when you patent a file extension, it means that you have partial rights to any file that uses the extension, depending on the way you market it. For instance, the .mp3 file extension is so widespread, mostly because it is one of the first highly compressed music format, **that has a free liscense**. This means that you don’t have to pay anyone to write a program that converts .wav to .mp3, or an .mp3 player.
    With these new file formats (which i have read nothing about), i am sure that they will be free liscensed, and mr gates will stand to make little or no money from it. If the liscense is not free, the extension will surely fail.

    Also, Amen for Microsoft.

  2. There are numerous extensions which are not free and have still caught on. Take .WMA, for example. Many portable audio devices now support it (most, in fact – except the iPod) even though they must pay a fee to Microsoft. WMA seems worth it because it can compress songs to a greater extent than MP3 while still maintaining greater quality. It’s not unfathomable, therefore, for Microsoft’s new graphic format to also be successful in the same manner.

    Regardless, WMP in its current form is free for XPS licensing (which I don’t really understand), and future licensing is yet to be determined. It’s all just a matter of whether or not the industry chooses to adopt the format.

    Oh, and just because Bill has tons of money doesn’t mean he doesn’t want a Microsoft product in every facet of the human existence. They’re constantly expanding into new markets and bundling more and more with their operating systems in order to wipe out the competition. And I love it. 🙂

  3. I have the feeling that soon, Mr. Gates will change his name to God. And instead of paying royalties for liscensing, we will all be required to say a little prayer to him before we open one of the images.

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