more weapons=more safety

44002_taser.jpgHere’s a good idea – let’s give teachers guns. Now that hot twentysomething substitute won’t have to take any crap from the pubescent boys in the remedial English class. She’s packin’ heat!

Seriously, this just sounds like a terrible idea. Yes, the teachers would be given training but let’s face it – there are a lot of teachers out there who don’t necessarily agree with those in authority, and it would only be a matter of weeks (maybe days) before someone leaves a handgun on the desk, taunting that kid who was given one too many “unfairly low” grades. I’ve had plenty of teachers whom I would be terrified to see holding a gun. Why not some sort of non-lethal device, like a taser? If every teacher had a taser they would be adequately prepared to incapacitate a hostile student or intruder. And it’d be much more funny to see a teacher accidentally taser someone (or him/herself) rather than shoot someone.

It’d be pretty exciting to see a shootout between a dozen students and a dozen teachers though.

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