mozart, et al

For some reason, I now receive junk mail sent using random names. Some of my favorite names are Scrotum M. Cecily, Pyramids E. Escutcheon, Paleontology E. Rapscall., Fiendishly S. Charlemagne, and Mozart D. Tandem. If you ever run into anyone with one of these names, tell him I’m sorry for not answering his email.

18 thoughts on “mozart, et al

  1. The human head weighs 8 pounds. 🙂 HAHA. Is that enlightening?

    And to contribute….
    The only spam I (used to) get (over and over again) was “Subject: Wanna enlarge your penis?”
    Then one time, when I used to have AOL, someone got my password (I suppose thats what happend) and I signed on my screen name and in my sent mail there was about 200 emails sent from my account with the subject “Farm Animals + Hot Babez!”
    That’s when we got rid of AOL, though we should have never even had it in the first place!

  2. Notice his clever use of the contraction by using “it’s”, the contraction of “it” and “is”.

    So who said grammar wasn’t fun?


  3. Trey is a gay name. It even RHYMES with gay, how could it not be?!
    But perhaps you missed the point. I was talking about you getting fucked in the ass with a rake not being so bad. (for clarification purposes).
    you should probably seek therapy for whatever your dad did to you when you were a child.. im sure that there is someone who can help you.

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