napster should die

napster.jpgNapster is now (very generously) offering free music online. The catch? The music is extremely poor quality (32 kbps), must be listened to in the browser (with ads), and can only be listened to five times before a purchase is made.

This is a bad idea for several reasons. First of all, musicians should be outraged that their songs are being distorted by low-quality “previews” which hinder the intended sound and message. But on top of that, we should be able to share our stuff for free anyway. Once I own it, I should be allowed to do whatever I want with it (as long as I’m not selling it or claiming it as my own work).

But I’m done complaining, because this won’t stop me from not buying my music. After all, if there’s something I really like, I’ll pay for the CD just to help the band out. Screw the RIAA.


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