new addiction

So I got my first true RPG today – Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for the 360. Although I’ve never really been interested in this type of game, what drew me in was the lush green countryside. I just want to ride a horse around in the wilderness, occasionally killing wolves.

Within an hour, I had already collected dozens of items that I either didn’t know how to use or didn’t know when to use. I also managed to get caught in my first attempt at pickpocketing – I stole 2 Gold and got fined 4 Gold. I then promptly went on my first quest, where I managed to accidentally kill the friendly NPC with which I was supposed to rendezvous, banishing me from my guild. I couldn’t find the guy to talk to to get back in, but I did go and close an Oblivion Gate.

All in all, I think it’s going pretty well. I managed to stop after only four hours my first night.

8 thoughts on “new addiction

  1. hahaha, crap. that’s not what i want to become…i’ve always stood against this kind of stuff…really, i just want to ride my horse.

  2. okay actually you cant have a magic missile +5

    magic missile is a spell. at higher levels you get more missiles. but thats all.

    +5 is an enchantment bonus. it adds to your hit roll (ie – gives you a higher chance to impact) and also adds five to your damage upon a successful hit

    therefore, magic missile +5 doesnt make any sense

  3. Perhaps the magic missile +5 is for the RLfag RLrpg’ers who run around dressed up and fight other RLfags

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