nice, twinkletoes some reason, it really boosts my self-confidence when I see someone else trip while walking down a sidewalk. If nothing else, I know that I can at least walk better than that person.

Suck on it.

Oh, but I’ve been studying. For something relevant, I’ll draw an amino acid…how about histidine (HIS/H) at pH 7.4? Its pKa is 6.0, so it lacks its proton at 7.4. 🙂

4 thoughts on “nice, twinkletoes

  1. That is extremely dramatic…I kept waiting for a jet to fly by or something.

    And I typed all that out – I didn’t draw it with my mouse. Honestly.

  2. thats probably the coolest site ever.
    you know, i was under the impression that you had to marry a king, president, pope or other head of state to become a “first lady.” apparently all you have to do is wed a pretentious black guy.

  3. oh i forgot my original comment. the other day i saw this fat guy (one of those fat, annoying guys who thinks hes smart and goes off on diatribes in polisci about how france has two nuclear-capable submarines… but always gives the wrong answers when it comes to conceptual questions) trip. (also, he has a really annoying voice. and he tries to be outgoing and flirt with girls, and it doesnt work.) and so i thought he was a total douce for tripping. but then today i was wearing sandals and i stubbed one on a tree root. how the mighty have fallen.

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