not for the faint of heart add to the long list of things girls shouldn’t do, I propose: farting. To me, there’s nothing more disgusting than a girl farting, except perhaps a girl taking a crap. Put that on the list too: girls shouldn’t take craps. In fact, suffice to say that nothing should come out of that orifice at all. Now of course I’m not saying that girls should just allow feces to build up with no release – they could go in for a surgical procedure daily which would extract the solid waste. Or something, but come on…excreting through the anus is just nasty.

8 thoughts on “not for the faint of heart

  1. its a pretty huge turn off when guys fart or crap, leave evidence there of or talk about it. i am not saying that they shouldnt do it. they have to. but try to hide it from girls as much as possible. on a side note, how do you feel about women giving birth?

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