nukes (w/ irrelevant intro) is my favorite season for several reasons. Falling leaves look cool, the weather gets nicer (typically), the baseball playoffs are in full-stride, and all those lovely winter breaks are just around the corner. Of course, another benefit is the threat of a nuclear war, which happens annually. However, when Kim Jong-il doesn’t get his Daffy Duck pajamas for Christmas this year, he’ll realize his efforts to intimidate a far-superior nation into bending to his will were futile. I expect this all to blow over within the next few months; either he nukes the U.S. and instigates a full-scale nuclear war, effectively causing the beginning of the end of the world and creating a race of superhuman, brain-craving, irradiated zombies with allegiance only to their roving hordes, or nothing will happen at all. Let’s hope everything turns out OK and relax, leaving our capable President in charge.

But don’t say I didn’t warn you if zombies start showing up.

39 thoughts on “nukes (w/ irrelevant intro)

  1. What was great about the “capable President” line was how it could work either way. Of course, there was no sarcasm intended. 🙂

  2. im sure trey would do a much better job as president. (sarcasum intended.) seriously though, what do u expect him to do!

  3. i think were just gonna do what we do best, go over there leave about 50,000 troops and some supplies and then intimidate them into no more bombs

  4. At no point did I ever say that I was qualified to be president, or even insinuate such. But I assure you that of all the people in this country, there are more than one that represent the ideals that this country was founded on.

  5. Yes. It did change the way everyone thinks. We now think of everyone as American or EXTREME RED ALERT TERRORISTS. It is complete bullshit. The world hates America, and I blame one man above all others.

  6. ok, would you like him to invade north korea. becuase he did that with iraq and everyone is bitching. (not to mention he tried to go through the UN, which did absolutely nothing). now, when he tries to go throughthe joke of and orginazation that it the UN he is wrong. what is it. do u want another pre-emptive strike again so you have someting to complain about tomarrow?

  7. Yes, you are right blowjob. Shitting on international treaties is a way to solve our problems. Unofficially chastising homosexual marriage DOES defend the rights of Americans. Taking the freedom of another country IS the right thing to do. And invading North Korea will NOT lead to another Vietnam/Iraq. And torturing another human being IS sometimes the right thing to do.

    /sarcasm off.

    America is becoming that which it was sworn never to do, and becoming an empire. But, I guess the world hates our president for no good reason. God bless the USofA.

  8. Oh come on…

    Ambiguous international treaties are just asking to have their toes stepped on. Clarity is important. And rogue states dictated by terrorists have never done a good job following such treaties, so it’s kind of tough to play by the rules with them.

    I don’t think that homosexual marriage has anything to do with what B.J. was talking about, but you know where I stand on that.

    Taking the freedom of another country…so Iraqis were “free” before we oppressed them? They may not have it good now, but by the time all this crap is over they’ll be far better off than they were under that guy.

    I think you missed the point on the North Korea thing. Was B.J. suggesting that we should invade North Korea? Because it sounded to me like he was actually (surprisingly) defending Bush’s attempts at diplomacy. But no matter what Bush tries, it’s the wrong course of action for someone who has heretofore disagreed with his policies.

    Your take on torture does surprise me. If one not-so-innocent person must suffer to save the lives of hundreds or thousands of innocent people, is that not an acceptable price to pay? If we had someone in our custody who was planning the next 9/11-type attack, would you not want us to do everything in our power to procure specific information from him?

  9. hey, i never said i agree with everything bush stands for. i disagree with his stance on gay marrage and stem cell reaserch. i mean come on, i DO have a mind of my own. but that fact just strengthens the point that what he is doing with N. Korea is right. he is going through the tedious and pointless burocrocy (im not even going to pretend i spelled that right) that is the UN, just like he did with iraq. and when that does nothing, we are going to have to eliminate a KNOWN threat who has on more than one occasion threatened the lives of our citizens.

  10. here’s some interesting information:

    when the patriot act was passed, the president was granted a number of increased powers.

    he started doing things such as being able to detain those whom he (or other members of the executive department) deemed terrrorists without due process or habeus corpus.

    a case was brought before the united states supreme court, and they ruled that doing such things was beyond his power.

    more recently, about a week ago, both houses of congress passed a new law that GIVES him that power. and, as far as i understand, it doesn’t have a time limit (in contrast to situations like the civil war or wwii where similar legislation passed — but with time constraints).

    habeus corpus due process blah blah blah what does this all mean?

    if somebody in the executive department decides you are a terrorist, you can be imprisoned and detained without trial indefinitely. even if youre an american citizen.

    (to be honest, we were having a discussion about this with a political science professor. i have no idea how the supreme court wouldnt be able to overrule this in violation of the fourth, fifth and sixth amendments… but, as it was explained to me, the new law avoids whatever conflicts the supreme court found unconstitutional about bush’s previous practices.)

    now, does this mean that you or i are in danger? probably not.


    i find it very, very hard to construct an argument against the apparent fact that this — the ability of the police to detain and imprison u.s. citizens without trial — brings us one little step closer to something like, oh, the soviet union. or dare i say, nazi germany?

    and remember:

    because congress passed a law eliminating due process and habeus corpus… there is theoretically no way that this can ever be brought to the supreme court, much less overturned.

    for something to get to the supreme court it has to go through the american judicial system of appeals, etc… but because this law is cutting courts out of the equation entirely…

  11. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. We are one step away from dictatorship, and then, when the cameras aren’t watching, I will laugh at Bush supporters who feel that Bush’s foreign policy is a good one. Do you guys fucking remember when he had that interview, and couldn’t name the leaders of some of the major countries of the world? This man is a fucking retard, and I believe the primary reason that he is in office is his father. It seems ludicrous to me how everyone’s ignorance allows them to forgive such things as torture; another way to stop the people you catch: KILL THEM. I don’t think that any of you would disagree that a bullet in the head is far better than a life of torture. And I also doubt that any of you would feel the same if it was you. Point in case: A man who was arrested a few days after 9/11, an american citizen of Middle Eastern descent, is STILL in prison to this day, 5 years later, without any reason, without anyone listening to his case. Any President who feels that it is OK for someone to lose their rights without question, is not good for this country, and does not deserve office (especially not as the leader of such a powerful country). I think that ignorance is what got Bush re-elected, and I feel that ignorance in numbers is the only reason that he has any support still. Why is it that so many countries hate this man? Was it something that any particular American citizen did? No. It’s the acts of the leaders of this country; The president and Congress, included. Just recently, a Senator ADMITTED that lobbyists had influenced many of his recent votes (and it was through bribes and threats, not information), and was quoted saying something to the nature of “I just got too used the way things are and the way they have been for far too long.” But who the fuck is listening out there? The average American citizen just butts out of it and acts like it’s not any of their business. It is, because it affects the way we come off to everyone else.

    The world is laughing at us. We are run by a corrupt governing body and a moron president. Where do you 2 draw the line as to where something becomes an offense worthy of impeachment? I am pretty sure you guys were disgusted when Clinton had an affair. That in no way measures up to someone consenting the removal of a person’s rights. So, I guess as long as We are being ignorant, we can tell the Constitution (aka. the law of the land) to fuck off: We have an agenda today.

  12. I don’t agree with torture, at least not as (apparently) rampant a part of our policy as it has become in recent years.

    I think, however, that it is a mistake to compare toture to execution. A lot of the torture… well, in theory, torture is used to acquire information that can be used to help our troops. I can see merit in that argument. Of course that doesn’t change the fact that it is illegal. Nor does it mean that I agree with the scope with which it is being applied.

    Perhaps ignorance is what got Bush reelected. I think a lot of people didn’t feel comfortable with Kerry running our country. Especially during a war. Now, does that change the fact that it’s a war Bush started? Well, of course not.

    I remember reading a lot about Bush and Kerry during 2004, trying to decide who to vote for. Then I realized that I had slacked off and there was no way I could register in time for the election, so I just gave up. At that point, however, I was undecided between who I wanted to vote for.

    What I’m getting at is that I think Bush won not because America was overwhelmingly confident of his abilities but more that they were unsure of Kerry’s.

    Yeah I was pretty disgusted with Clinton back when he did all his business with Monica. However I was much younger then. I think now I wouldn’t care so much. Whether or not you cheat on your wife seems, to me at least, to be pretty irrelevent to whether or not you can be a good president. I think the general consensus is that Clinton was a good president; I don’t really have a problem with him.

    Now, Hilary is another story…

  13. like i said before, i dont agree with EVERYTHING bush does… however i do support the patriot act, for the most part. i agree it isnt perfict, but the people enforcing it are just normal poeple with normal lives. bush isnt in really in control of it, he just gave the authorites the power to do what they feel needs to be done to protect the american people. am i saying that there arnt problems? no. i admit that some people may be detained wrongfully. and i feel bad for them. but in doing so we catch the right people that are planng a large scale attack and save the lives of thousands of people, i feel thats a fair trade. its not a perfict system, but at least he is doing something. we wouldnt be argueing about this if clinton had caught bin ladin when he was offerd up on a silver platter…

    and this whole topic of the patriot act is kind off topic, we are talking about North korea. which i have no complaints when it comes to bushes postions on.

  14. clinton? served bin laden? on a what?

    i’ll admit, clinton could have done more to apprehend bin laden in his days. of course, it wasnt until bush was in office that bin laden was considered more dangerous than probably a hundred other at-large leaders of terrorist organizations.

    how about that time that bush had intelligence on the exact location of bin laden, with US troops completely surrounding the area… but he pulled back and let arab muslim warlords take over in order to… i’m not sure what he did that in order to. appease them politically? gain their trust? i’m not really sure.

    the point is that basically everyone who knows anything about it is nearly certain that bush had bin laden completely within his grasp and let him slip away for… well, reasons that are unclear to me.

  15. Bush is no idiot. To even make a C at Yale (even if you think he got in due to his father’s influence), you’ve got to have decent intelligence – after all, you know he wasn’t studying his ass off for that C. He just doesn’t seem to be very comfortable in public situations, which I won’t deny is pretty important in a presidential figure. But remember how formidable a public speaker Kerry was? His grades were virtually identical to Bush’s. My point is: public foibles aren’t good for a president and good public speaking skills can give the semblance of intelligence, but neither one can directly indicate intelligence.

    But that’s neither here nor there, to steal an old cliché – the initial discussion was, indeed, about North Korea.

  16. trey, we call that photoshop. its this program put out by adobe. its really quite interesting, you can actually change a picture to look like someting else. its a common mistake, i forgive you for it. seriously that pic was proven to be a fraud long ago. but still. as funny as that pic is daniel is right, we need to get back on topic…

  17. (First, I want to admit something. I was actually shocked that Blowjob knew something. He usually just comes here and says how he feels about something, makes a few typos, and makes direct attacks on people, instead of their arguments. I am glad he forgives me; I shall rest easy now.)

    Sticking to my original point: I don’t think he embodies what America is morally or ideally. That’s just my opinion. I will admit that I don’t do much research, and am for a better lack of caring uninterested since my opinion isn’t going to do a whole hell of a lot at this point.

  18. i am also shocked, im shocked you still have friends to talk to. i am constantly amazed at your ineptitude for social interactions of even the smallest scale, such as say.. an internet forum.i may not embody the ideals of america. but i know for a fact weezy shure has hell dosent. we would be france if he did. weak and feeble, yet still for some unknown reason there would be an air of unfounded cockiness and an overinflated ego that stems from god knows what. it dosent matter, at the end of the day, the president i voted for is in office and theres not a god damn thing you can do about it trey. its not really about the president thing, im just tired of putting up with your shit trey

  19. 🙁 Let’s avoid the personal attacks, please.

    If you’d like to fight it out in person, just let me know the time and the place. I’d enjoy watching.

  20. I am rather awkward in social situations. I know that there are things that I have done which are injustifiably wrong. I have tried as best I could, but there is no taking them back. I agree that I am far from perfect and not exactly personable, but that’s not to say that I like it about myself.

    Honestly, though, you are the one who asked me to come here and post more often. If you don’t like putting up with my shit, you can always skip over the posts I make: I always post under the same name. I don’t want to argue my or your impotencies; I just get fed up with it when every time I say something, you attack me instead of the argument.

    I am sorry I said mean things. I was offended, and my first reaction was to offend you back. It was wrong of me, and I am not proud of it.

  21. both of you are wrong.

    on the internet, the correct response to a personal attack is thus:


    [imbedded image of hitler which i dont feel like taking the time for]

  22. you know i was actually just thinking about my last comment.

    another term that internet arguers often throw around is “jew”

    isn’t that interesting? that two completely polar opposites are two of the most common internet insults?

  23. Haha, I just realized that if you click on the time next to the post, it takes you directly to that post. Probably the coolest feature that I will never need. I guess it would be easy to link to another comment, but I am too computer illiterate to do that.

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