one down, 99 go

Well the Braves won their first game, 11-10. They were up 8-1 at one point, so they gave me quite a scare, but they pulled it off. The bullpen definitely needs some work though, but I imagine this is how most of the season will go. They just need to outscore the other team. They got some good hits though.

6 thoughts on “one down, 99 go

  1. [21:04] yiddishafellow: shes getting married
    [21:04] yiddishafellow: damn it
    [21:05] yiddishafellow: shes so hot
    [21:05] WaldoPpper: im so sorry you had to find out like this

  2. tech’s baseball team is the worst fucking team ever. i think our WPBC little league team could have beat them haha. they lost like 14-5 last night, and im sure they are losing right now.
    hey, get online. and lets play indoor. screw walter.

  3. I heard they were playing the number one team in the NATION last night, which would explain the lopsided score. But yeah, they do suck.

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