origin of species

http://www.antique-dog-pictures.co.uk/So which really is better, the dog or the cat? Instead of sitting down and discussing the aspects of cleanliness, loyalty, or intelligence, I’ll pose a question: which was domesticated first? Did Og the Caveman sit at his fire and decide that he needed a woman-like feline pacing around being fickle, sleeping half the time and eating or begging for food the rest, all the while depositing undigested globs of mammoth fur in strategic locations around the cave? If you said “yes,” go back to France. No, just as it’s taken thousands of years for Man to domesticate the painfully disloyal and inevitably homicidal robot, so too did it take much longer to decide that the dog needed another domesticated animal to chase around and compete against for his owner’s affection. Should we now do Og a disservice by turning our backs on his hard work at breaking down the wild canine into something capable of bringing us the newspaper and doing amusing tricks? Show some respect.

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