penitent? impertinent

So I was perusing the notebook forums (hey, it’s interesting) when I came across this absolutely remarkable quote, and I feel obligated to share it with the masses.

“Patience rewards the patient and penitent.”

Some guy named destruya was talking about the impending release of a laptop, but that’s so clever – he was clearly being serious, and surely still believes he made an insightful and wise aphorism. Just leaving it at “patience rewards the patient” would have been absolute gold, but he decided to throw in an irrelevant word as well. Ahh, I love stupidity.

6 thoughts on “penitent? impertinent

  1. You can see how one attribute, “patience,” can reward someone for being repentant? Whatever convoluted logic you’ve used to conclude this is surely negated by the facts that:
    1) He just said patience rewards the patient. Clearly it’s straightforward and contains no abstract thought.
    2) He’s talking about a laptop coming out. Any patience required for such a release requires no repentance.

    Edit: I can see how the penitent would be rewarded through patience by God, but once again, that has nothing to do with a laptop release.

  2. 1) well, im going out on a (spindly, weak) limb here, but he could have meant a patient as in a hospital attendee or something. you know, like he’s saying, “don’t bug the triage doctors a lot or they’ll put off treating you”
    2) maybe once upon a time this guy slandered a company that makes laptops but later realized the error of his ways and is now waiting for them to release a new model so that he can buy it and support the company. even in a general sense, if one commits an act and later regrets it, he usually cannot remedy the error (if it’s even possible) immediately. therefore, having patience would enable the penitent person to right their wrong, or, at the very least, pray about it (at some later time).
    edit: see, you admit it’s possible.

  3. oh, i also thought of this.
    maybe “Patience” is a girl with one of those names that is also a desirable attribute? we went over this with sledge, i forget what the word was.
    but anyway, maybe she gives awesome head but only sucks off guys who are… well, patient.

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