pray for mojo

So, I trust you’ve all heard of or seen the videos on the cigarette-smoking monkeys.

For example: This monkey, who gets his smokes from visitors kind enough to lend him theirs.

Let me first say that I, for one, feel that smoking is a horrible habit and one that an individual must not start. However, when an individual forms an addiction, I feel that education on the repercussions is the best solution towards promoting the individual’s recovery. The very last thing that a concerned friend should do is to go over the subject’s head and oversee the problem personally.

So I read an article just tonight about how a monkey in china is being forced to quit!

“At the beginning, he became irascible when he wanted to smoke, jolting windows and doors,” Xinhua quoted one of the keepers as saying.
We sometimes gave him some sunflower seeds or a bottle of beer to help him shake off the addiction and visitors are no longer allowed to throw him cigarettes.”

That is asinine! A monkey has just as much sense as you and I and knows when enough is enough. If mojo wants to quit smoking, he’ll quit. Period.

9 thoughts on “pray for mojo

  1. We love you, Dirk. Your name is suggestive of an inadequate African-American – one who feels the need to compensate for his phallic deficiency by posting berating comments on websites.

    You can eat rat poison and die nameless.

    Walter: I fixed a couple of things in that post.

  2. You can spellcheck but you can’t seem to learn the it’s-its rule; No one is perfect, cocksucker.
    Besides, if you’re spellchecking on a post about monkies smoking cigarettes, you really need to pull the pine tree out of your ass.

  3. Umm, what? Was that Walter, talking to Dirk? When did Dirk say “its”? Why would Walter make a new name? I’m confused…

  4. I make mistakes.
    I’m one of the comman men like you, dirk.
    Oh, I’m not a dirty stinkin’ black man.

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